Hi my name is Misti and I was raised an athlete and played a variety of sports. As I got older I started to stray away from fitness, and being active. As I did this I came to find myself 30lbs heavier and I felt hopeless. One day I decided to get into a gym, hire a personal trainer and turn my life around. I can truly say that this low point I felt I
had hit, helped me find my passion, and that is helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. As someone who has lived weight loss, the ups and downs, I can tell you it'll be ok and you can do it. I am a certified personal trainer, and am working towards furthering my education in Kinesiology. I am always eager to go above and beyond for
my clients and help you achieve whatever your goals may be!  I look forward to meeting you and being your personal trainer.

Degrees and Certifications:

  • ISSA Personal Trainer Certified
  • Obtaining a degree in Kinesiolgy​
  • ​Specialty training in:  weightloss, nutrition and training glutes, legs and core.

​"Misti gives me a the workout, the nutritional advice and the support that makes all the difference , and keeps me coming back for more". Ann  S