​​​​​Our Philosophy

We believe that SMART fitness requires training in a way that allows a person to achieve not only their goals but optimal health.  We do that in a way that does not put the individual at risk for injury, either in the present or in the future.  In fitness, there is a tipping point where if you overdo it, or train in a way that breaks the body down too much, you will get diminishing returns. 

Here at All In One Fitness, we understand that the body needs to “stand the test of time”, sort of speak.  Meaning that we want to help people develop a level of fitness in their body that allows for optimal mobility, strength, endurance and balance all in a way that also preserves joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles for the long run.

Putting stress on the body is what ultimately causes the body to adapt, thus leading to our desired goals.  However, putting too much stress on the body (i.e. going over the tipping point) and the body will start to break down – leading to sore joints, stressed ligaments/tendons, overworked muscles, and eventually injury to the body.

Our philosophy of training means
SMART TRAINING.  In order to do this, we as professionals need to understand where our current clients' fitness level is, where they want to go, and any obstacles and or challenges we need to either overcome or work around.  We begin this process by doing a thorough evaluation, not only covering the physical attributes but also by discussing life stresses, current and past challenges, nutritional behavior and the overall state of wellbeing our clients are in.  It is only after understanding exactly where our clients are in there life and where they want to go with their fitness and health goals – can we effectively, and safely design a program that will allow them to achieve optimal success.

To summarize how we apply SMART fitness: 

1)      We thoroughly assess and evaluate with each client.

2)      We strive to understand the needs and individual position of each client.

3)      We design and implement programs that safely achieve the desired results.

4)      We educate along the way so that our clients learn the most optimal ways to achieve health.

5)       We strive for optimal longevity in health and preservation of functional mobility, strength, and balance in the body.

The end result is clients that have increased vitality, improved strength and mobility, improved health and more satisfying life’s.  That’s what you can expect from the professional team of experts that work at All In One Fitness.