"My training has been life-changing and I owe that to the fine personal training department that All In One Fitness has" -Mindy C.

Working with a personal fitness coach may be the best thing you have ever done for your health.

We work with you to develop your strengths and abilities. Our experienced coaches will help educate, motivate, and create the body and healthy lifestyle you want.

The experience you gain from working with one of our personal fitness coaches will show you a whole new level of health and fitness and empower you to start living life to its fullest potential.

  • 40 plus training
  • ​Sport Enhancement
  • ​Post-rehab (Hip, Knee, Shoulder, Back)
  • ​Weight loss/General fitness
  • ​Senior Fitness
  • ​Nutrition
  • ​Results

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This package consists of 3-one hour training sessions and is a good introduction to working with a trainer.

This program really gives you a solid foundation to see improvements in your strength,

body tone, flexibility, cardio and more.
(16 – one hour or thirty-minute sessions.  Recommended:  meeting twice a week)

Research shows that it takes 3 months, minimum two times a week, to establish a

healthy habit of regular exercise so that it becomes a part of your life.
(32 – one hour or thirty-minute sessions.  Recommended: meeting twice a week)

This package gives the biggest price break while making a commitment to building your training foundation, developing exercise as a life long habit, and to see and feel the results you set out to achieve.
(48 – one hour sessions.  Recommended: meeting twice a week)